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18-08-2016, 10:52 PM #11
Tyler Offline Derek Wallace
Management Team
Northern Counties Police
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Rule 24 updated:

24. Arrest and fine limits for LEO's.
The limits for fines and arrests are as follows:

Level 1: Max 10 minutes and $1,000.
Level 2: Max 20 minutes and $2,000.
Level 3: Max 30 minutes and $3,000.
Level 4+: Max 180 minutes and $10,000.

27-08-2016, 12:26 PM #12
Grumbleduck Offline
Management Team
Mapper Team
Northern Counties Police
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I would like to take this opportunity to remind all players and staff of rule 41.

41. Vehicle Sell Exploit
You are not permitted to setup your vehicle to be stolen with another player or a boxed account in order to make a profit. This can be classed as failure to roleplay. Any money made in this way will be removed and a possible ban may be issued. In addition to this rule, you are not permitted to steal the same vehicle multiple times.You must steal THREE different cars before returning to the original car you stole. Failing to abide by this rule may result in money earned being removed from your account.

This rule is being carefully monitored daily. Players found dropping the same vehicle over again, or dropping their friends vehicles will log in to find the money they made from dropping the vehicles removed. It's been written in the rules for some time, and is now being announced again so there are no excuses. There are new features/scripts in place to prevent this, but any players found trying to divert around these scripted measures will be dealt with.

[Image: fWscMmB.png]

19-04-2018, 12:06 AM #13
Tyler Offline Derek Wallace
Management Team
Northern Counties Police
Posts:47 Threads:7 Joined:7th March 2016
Some rules have been removed due to script changes, and the following has been updated:

Quote:40. Use and stealing of Government Weapons/Equipment
Players are only permitted to steal government weapons under certain circumstances. Taking rule #5 (roleplaying fear) into consideration, you may steal a weapon from a government employee (police or other) if the opportunity presents itself. For example, it is acceptable to steal a weapon that you find on the ground or elsewhere, or loot a government trunk/vehicle that was left unlocked by accident. However you may not rob a government employee at gun point, or raid a police kiosk for example, as this is a clear breach of rule #5 (roleplaying fear).

Stealing government equipment is not allowed unless there is a special reason that has been approved by a member of management.

There is no rule against stealing government vehicles (police cars or other).

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